Heartwings Love notes 515: Hand In Hand.


 Heartwings says, “Memories can be precious snapshots that gladden our hearts to recall.”

 The young mother and her small daughter walked out of the supermarket with their grocery wagon. Mom was chatting with her little girl, explaining that now she was going to change into her play clothes. Seeing them together, for a moment I saw myself as a young mother with my own daughter, looking after her in the same way. How could the time since that day have sped by so quickly.

 With the memory of that precious time now so long ago came a momentary prickle at my eyelids. I caught my breath. Nostalgia flooded over me. I was almost reliving another period in my life. Then I felt a wave of regret pass through me, as if telling me I ought to somehow have been able to hold onto the time better, be more present then. I was reminded that experience can be a wonderful teacher.

 When something like that happens, it helps me remember how important it is to cherish the moments I have with my dear ones now, to be present for them and for myself when we are together or even when we are chatting on the phone. Being present with them is one of the best ways I can give of myself to family and friends. It is also very good practice for me in listening.

 The past and the present sometimes conspire to inundate me with a reflection that echoes between them.  These memories that flood into my mind at odd moments are like precious pearls strung on a fragile strand of time’s web. More than visual, they evoke emotional feelings as well. I am always grateful for these little reminders to stop, look and listen so that I may more fully participate in the wonderful life that is unfolding for me.

 May you find many reminders to help you to pay more attention in the present.  

 Blessings and Best Regards, Tasha Halpert


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